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Parx Sportsbook Promo Code & Online Mobile App Review



Parx Sportbook was second PA online sportsbook to launch roughly one month after SugarHouse Sportsbook PA. The Parx online sportsbook and Android sports betting app offers two welcome bonuses for new players. The first is in the form of free $10 bet, which players will receive simply by signing up. There is no deposit required for this bonus!

Secondly, players will get a $250 risk-free bet, which will coincide with your first wager amount. If your first settled bet loses, Parx will refund you with a Free Bet up to $250.

  • Free $10 bet for a new players – no deposit required.
  • Risk-Free $250 Bet on your first wager at Parx online sportsbook
  • Easy and fast deposit/withdrawal options

Get a Risk Free bet up to $250 at Parx Sportsbook:

1. Login and make a deposit of $10 or more

2. Make your very first sports wager on any game

3. If your first settled bet loses, Parx will refund you with a Free Bet up to $250

Parx Online Sportsbook Launch June 24th

News broke early on Monday June 24th that the Parx Online Sportsbook in PA would be entering into a 3 day testing session with the PGCB. Parx now set to be the #2 PA online sportsbook after SugarHouse PA launched in May. It was also announced that Rivers online sportsbook will begin their PGCB testing as well.

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Live Parx Sportsbook Betting Lines Available Via BetSlip Tool

Parx Sportsbook Brick/Mortar Details

Parx Sportsbook temporary location is inside the old 360 Lounge and in all honesty, it gets the job done until the permanent sportsbook opens in August 2019.

It is obviously not a big area, so do not go to the sportsbook with the intention of placing bets and relaxing while you wait to cash your winning ticket. Parx is obviously aware of the enormous potential sports betting has in PA and around the country. They moved quickly to get this space ready for 2019, but they will be upgrading very soon.

Parx permanent sportsbook will open this Summer and it will be over 10,000 square feet in size.

[toc]PA Sports Betting is now legal and about to explode across the Keystone state. PA now has 7 active sportsbooks (8 approved), with 6 alone in the Philadelphia area:

1. Parx Casino in Bensalem, PA

2. SugarHouse Casino in Philly

3. Rivers Casino in Pittsburgh

4. Hollywood Sportsbook by Harrisburg

5. Parx Casino South Philly Turf Club

6. Harrah’s “The Book” in Chester, PA

7. Valley Forge FanDuel Sportsbook (Approved by PGCB). Opening March 13th.

8. Presque Isle Downs Sportsbook in Erie (Approved by PGCB). ETA April 2019.

Parx Online Sportsbook & Mobile App Ready for June 2019

Officials from Parx Casino told Pennsylvania state regulators that it will start testing its online sportsbook and sports betting app in early June. The app and online sports betting site will be called

Parx Casino announced its online betting plans during licensure hearing in front of the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board.

Parx was the second casino to apply for a sports betting license in PA, spending $10 million. Joining them on this venture is the Kambi Group, who also has deals with SugarHouse Sportsbook and the Pittsburgh-based Rivers Casino. Like all casinos in Pennsylvania, Parx will also be subjected to the states’ 36 percent sports betting revenue.

$10 million + 36% tax = You need online sports betting to be successful.

With 4 brick-and-mortar PA Sportsbooks open, there has yet to be an online product. However, Parx has publicly stated that they are working rapidly to launch a mobile betting app. SugarHouse has successfully launched its “2 in 1” casino and sportsbook app in NJ. It is certainly a possibility that they beat Parx to the punch and launch the first sports betting app in PA.

Parx Sportsbook BetSlip Builder

Our post last week mentioned 26 betting kiosks would be available in the temporary location, this is not the case of yet. 7 in person betting windows are available, along with your typical big screen TV’s and bar.

Parx does offer on-site mobile betting access that is obviously similar to betting online. You simply make your picks on your phone and the betting window attendant scans the QR code on your phone to create/submit your ticket. This will be crucial to use if the new sportsbook area is not open by March Madness.

We mentioned the @parxcasino bet slip builder yesterday. Here is the direct link:

You can build your bet slip from home or on your phone and just have the QR code scanned at the betting window.

Best we can do until mobile app is ready….

— PA Sportsbooks (@PASportsbooks) January 9, 2019

Soft launch for The best casino app @parxcasino Sportsbook. Temporary Sportsbook at 360 lounge. Plenty of kiosks along with onsite mobile access to build your betting slip. #PAsportsbetting

— Jason Ziernicki 🎲🏈➡️💰 (@jziernick) January 8, 2019

Closer Look at Parx

Greenwood Gaming recently applied for a $10 million license to be able to offer online gambling. Should they be approved, Parx will have online poker as well as other online games that you’d find in a retail casino.

To help with their online gambling, Parx has partnered with GAN, which is a highly notable and reputable company in this realm.

Here is a direct quote from the Parx Casino per their new sportsbook and mobile betting app:

It’s nearly here. Sports betting is coming to Pennsylvania and Parx Casino®. You will soon be able to make sports bets at the brand new sportsbook at Parx Casino® and the South Philadelphia Turf Club. You can expect all your favorite ways to sports bet, including: spread, moneyline, total, props, parlays and teasers. All your favorite sports will be available too, including NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, College Football, College Basketball and plenty more. That’s not all, the Parx Casino® online sports betting app complete with live in-game betting is also close to launch.

Among the games included are blackjack, craps, baccarat and New usa online casinos 2018 roulette. There are numerous televisions throughout the facility to inform patrons of what games are going on where to prevent people from running around aimlessly to find the game of their choosing.

In addition to the “racino” elements, they also offer quite a delectable cuisine from upscale steakhouses, sports bars, and New York style pizza.

Parx Rewards Program

If you ever visit the Parx Casino in person, make sure to head right over and sign up for the Rewards Program. Why? Well, upon signing up, you’ll get up to 10% back in Comp Dollars, which can be used at restaurants, bars and stores, as well as a $500 virtual credit. Expect online integration once that is approved.

Also, players will also receive bonus points for playing slot machines, as well as receive recognition by acquiring a certain amount of credits in a 6-month period.

The name of the program is XClub, and some standard offers are free slot plays, sweepstake entries, birthday offers, free beverage service and participation in all current promotions at that given time.

There’s a higher tier, too—Premium. Those members get free valet service, no cover charge, free top shelf beverages and private even entries.

But wait, there’s more—Elite. This includes private gated parking, priority food, beverage and cash windows as well as “next car up” valet service.

When will games be available online?

Again, Parx submitted their application back in July and the decision-makers have up to three months before they need to make a decision. If approved, expect it to come shortly after.

Who is able to play?

Anyone 21 years of age or older. You must also be in the state of Pennsylvania to play.

Games offered?

It’s currently unknown officially, but you can expect online poker, and numerous table games.

How will you be able to play online?

Easy: Any device that can go online. Computers, tablets, cell phones, etc.

Ethereum Casinos

Top 3 Casinos that offer Ethereum

Ethereum Top 3 Casinos


Back in the days.

. casino floors saw beggars turn into kings and the other way around, all with the help of the simple cash bill. Regardless of the currency, or its exchange rate, any one casino player ultimately depended and even measured all their floor time, entertainment quality and success rate on the amount of cash they managed to accumulate.

As things turned digital.

. people became less willing to continue using cash – at kiosks, ATMs or specific cash transfer service establishments. Instead, they focused on cashless transactions using various methods, from credit and debit cards, through prepaid cards, to e-wallets and intermediary payment processing services.

During the last decade.

. or so, focus shifted once again with the invention of a whole new currency that went along these novel cashless transfer methods – cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin was only the first one of its kind, but many others have soon followed in its footsteps, among which Ethereum.

About Ethereum

The Ethereum decentralized digital currency was invented by the end of 2013, but only released for sale in 2014. Vitalik Buterin, a former Bitcoin supporter and regular contributor to the Bitcoin Magazine, turned out to be the person behind this novel cryptocurrency invention. He aimed to create one that would run faster, smoother and more functional that the original Bitcoin. Thus, the created Ethereum crypto was only based on the founding blockchain technology, while its operations, transactions and purposes were much more diverse.

To be more precise, the initial and primary purpose of the Ethereum platform was not limited to the providing substitution to fiat currencies. While it does contribute to the overall goal of making them redundant due to the perks of using decentralized currencies, it was first created as a system that would be able to run and execute smart contracts.

What are Smart Contracts?

These are specific operations which can only be performed considering all encoded preconditions have been met by both parties involved in the contract. For example, if someone wants to hire a person to do a service and pay them in Ether, the contract will allow the payment to be executed automatically once the service provider has done their part, i.e. whatever they were hired to do, make.

. it is also important to know that the Ether we just mentioned is the crytpocurrency of the Ethereum platform. Essentially, it is a fuel for the actual operations performed on the platform, as people supporting the execution of such smart contracts need to be given something in return. So far, since the early release, more than 60 million Ether coins have been mined for initial funding, and another 12 million for the development fund.

This platform.

. as it is, is a much more scalable solution, allowing transactions to be processed at the speed of a few seconds, with an average of 3 Ethers created for the miner of the block containing the specific transaction. So far, there hasn’t been an exact cap on the amount of Ethers in total, although implemented restrictions per annum managed to keep everyone on their toes.

How to Obtain Ether?

Considering that it is not a traditional fiat currency, there are bound to be some novelties in obtaining, storing and handling the cryptocoins. Before you are able to do anything with it, you will need to have it in your possession, and nowadays, there are more than enough ways to do it:

  • Mining – Just like mining Bitcoins, the process of mining Ether involves less crude force and tools and more computing power. Yet, whilst the Bitcoin system has grown and reduced in functionality, the Ethereum platform even allows everyday interested individuals owning regular desktops and laptops to remain competitive. Either way, regardless of the difficulty, the actual process of supporting the transaction execution rewards the respective members of the platform.
  • BTC-ETH Exchange platforms – Most crypto exchange platforms offer people the possibility to obtain any newer cryptocurrency in reference to Bitcoin. This is the case with Ether too, as most such platforms for exchange services allow people to trade their Bitcoins for the equivalent amount of ETH.
  • Fiat currency exchange platforms – Since its appearance, Ether rose in value and achieved some market stability. Even though it is falling slightly behind Bitcoin, a sure sign of progress is the presence of fiat currency exchange services, allowing people to obtain Ether with their everyday dollar or euro bills, figuratively.
  • Ether direct transactions – A fourth way to obtain Ether is to have someone transfer it to your wallet directly, which would be an awfully generous thing to do. Thus, these transfers are normally tied to some product or service exchange that needed to happen in order for the transaction to go through.

How to Store Ether?

Once you find the most suitable way to purchase it, you will also need to store it before choosing the best way to spend it. In this regard, Ether draws nearer to Bitcoin than in others, as it is stored in the same kind of cryptocurrency e-wallets. Some differ depending on the currency they are supposed to store, while others even allow users to exchange their cryptocoins from one currency to another.

Either way, the e-wallet options include hardware and software option, as well as the old-fashioned paper wallet. The first one refers to the separate storage units – USB, external hard drive or the likes that allow users to save their e-wallet public and private keys, and thus limit access to their Ether wealth. Contrary to these, software options are mainly downloaded onto the device or presented as a software-as-a-service kind.

They are normally connected to the Internet, even though not mandatorily full time, and have been considered to pose a greater threat to the Ether wealth. Lastly, paper wallets have maintained dominance in their field, even though they are actually just pieces of paper containing the e-wallet keys. These are stored in safety deposit boxes or safes to prevent misplacing them.

Ethereum as an Online Casino Payment Method

The online casino industry has been keeping up with the latest inventions in the finance world, most of which tended to include faster and more secure payment processing. Yet, as cryptocurrencies appeared, these features were factored in the new context, and allowed people to engage in their favourite form of entertainment with such payments.

Making Online Casino Deposits & Withdrawals

Now, there are all kinds of e-commerce, retail, employment and service provider operators offering Ether as an available payment option. A major portion of this range of Ethereum merchants includes top poker sites, online casinos, bingo sites, sportsbooks and the likes. Therefore, the main transactions that will be performed using this cryptocurrency include deposits and withdrawals.

The following step-by-step procedure will help players get a proper introduction to using the cryptocurrency at online gambling sites for the first time. What is more, the guidelines could be of service to anyone opting for a new casino operator on the whole, as the use of these currencies is still growing.

Step 1: The first thing to do when going for the Ethereum online casino option is to choose the suitable gambling platform. While most players will find it satisfactory that the operator offers such transactions, it is definitely more practical and currently widespread to include all the top cryptocurrencies available for conversion purposes. Choosing the best Ethereum casino hereafter includes additional considerations – the software providers featured in the game selection, the bonuses and promotional offers, or even the colour pattern and layout.

Step 2: Once the choice is made, just make sure you are able to register and access the casino with ease. A trustworthy operator should have all information laid out for their potential users, as well as a straightforward signup procedure. Once players gain access to the casino floor, head to the Banking section first. This way, by the time your eyes get used to the site colour scheme, you will have enough funds to go through the casino’s game selection.

Step 3: The Cashier section of an Ethereum casino may well feature other cryptocurrencies, as mentioned earlier. However, today’s hybrid sites include fiat currencies as well as their top payment processing solutions, all with the purpose of providing greater player accessibility, convenience and ultimately satisfaction.

Select Ethereum as your banking method and you will immediately be provided with the e-wallet address for your casino account. That way, all you need to do is copy it and use it as your destination once you specify the amount you wish to use as a casino bankroll. Upon confirming the transaction, Ethereum members on the platform will see it through for a particular fee and end up mining some Ethers along.

Step 4: Head straight from banking to the gameplay page at the casino platform – Ethereum transactions take seconds to complete and players should have the funds available in their players’ e-wallet account just in time to load their favourite game.

Withdrawals are performed in much the same way, as the transaction is still directly between two e-wallet solutions, only in the opposite direction. Many players are reluctant to have their funds, especially their winnings handled through such newly created options that are yet to be affirmed in the industry. However, New free casino slots with the numerous recent legal obstacles, specific regulations, player demands and all kinds of independent industry standards, Ethereum has largely become one of the most desirable and sustainable casino deposit and withdrawal methods.


  • Smart contracts technology – The technology of employing smart contracts – strings of code that make actions on the Etherum blockchain depend on each other ensures that all preconditions are met prior to the execution of the final payment. This ensures higher player security, as well as potential for uses beyond their current scope. After all, the platform as it is offers users a unique language and fully functional programming base where they can create all kinds of applications and solutions for a range of socially commendable purposes.
  • Security & anonymity – Just the blockchain structure as an underlying basis is enough to ensure everyone of the cryptocurrency’s security. As for anonymity, the sole fact that players are never asked to disclose any personal information or banking details – from e-wallet registration to cashouts – makes it a trusted feature.
  • Scalability & transaction speed – Another unique improvement Ethereum had in relation to its predecessors is its scalability. Due to being able to delegate payments and allow each member computer to build a DAG, the platform enables any one individual to enjoy quite a more equal chance at getting a payment across and mining coins along the way than Bitcoin ever might.
  • Independent & decentralized nature – In order to honour the purpose of cryptocurrencies as an invention, Ethereum is also a decentralized and independent of any one authority. What is more, it does not require any traditional banking institutions to process funds, practically putting them straight out of use.
  • Smaller fees & higher amounts limits – A most welcome advantage of using Ether online casino deposits and withdrawals are the smaller fees. They are determined based on a range of additional by-factors, unlike Bitcoin’s fees which are mainly determined based on transaction volume. Speaking of which, this new cryptocurrency, much like all of its kind, allows players and New bitcoin slots no deposit bonus 777spinbitcoin slot.Com users alike to perform payments of all sizes, as long as they are aware of the possible charges.


  • Risk factor – Despite its impeccable record, Ethereum is still considered a risky factor. The coins not been able to reduce value fluctuations to a minimum, and platforms are constantly looking to add or remove it from their list of paymetnt options.
  • Less available – Even with so many additions of the cryptocurrency, the online player pool is still faced with scarcity of platform options.
  • Irreversible transactions – Once made, the Ethereum transaction is confirmed and processed, with funds lost or gained forever. This means that they are not reversible and need to be treated with great attention.

1. What is the speed difference in transaction processing between Ethereum and Bitcoin?

The transaction speed differs greatly between Ethereum – a matter of moments, and Bitcoin – about 10 minutes on average.

2. What are the usual deposit and withdrawal limits for Ethereum players at such online casino sites?

Each casino operator determines their limits based on their specific policy preferences. Nevertheless, generally speaking, the payment method does not impose any restrictions in this regard.

3. Are there any bonus offers available?

Yes, players are most able to claim the full range of bonuses at Ethereum casino sites. Most of the time, they are even more generous in order to attract a wider player pool, and amounts can range from the hundreds up to $1000 at times.

4. What portions of the player pool are bound to benefit the most from this payment method?

The US base of interested players are among the most likely to benefit, as they normally need to abide by strict banking and online gaming content legal restrictions (the UIGEA, the Wire Act, etc).

5. Can land-based gambling establishments process and accept Ether payments?

Yes, they can. Most of these establishments feature a QR code that can be scanned by the player with their smartphone or tablet, and perform the payment directly.

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